Ethics & Civics Overhaul/Government Variety Pack Patch Mod

Ethics & Civics Overhaul/Government Variety Pack Patch Mod

This mod provides some degree of compatibility between my mod, , and the Ethics and Civics Overhaul mods (both and ). Its main function is to change the definitions of governments and civics I’ve added to make them respond sensibly to the changes to ethics and new authority. Basically so you don’t get Fanatic Capitalist Workers’ Councils or something, and so Democratic civics can work with Direct Democracy.


You should probably not drop this into a game in progress if you’ve been using GVP and E&CO, this may invalidate a bunch of GVP civics. Use when starting a new game with both mods unless you’ve reviewed the changes and accept the risks.

You do need to ensure that the load order causes this patch to take precedence over GVP, and I don’t know how to do this for sure in the wacky new mod loader Paradox uses. I believe it goes by subscribe order (last subscribed takes precedence), but you can also control it with a mod manager.

What It Does

This is the list of current changes to GVP based on E&CO ethics. Note that any requirements listed are in addition to the base GVP requirements. See the changelog for historical changes as they happened in updates.

Civics/Origins Changes

  • Elected Clergy accepts Direct Democracy
  • Republicanism accepts Direct Democracy, banned from Fanatic Pluralism
  • Utilitarian Planning banned from Elitism
  • Cult of Personality banned from Fanatic Pluralism
  • Workers’ Councils banned from Competitive and Elitism
  • Supremacist Demagoguery banned from Fanatic Pluralism
  • Enlightened Liberalism banned from Cooperative
  • Lifelong Learning accepts Direct Democracy and banned from Elitism
  • Institutionalized Collectivism banned from Fanatic Elitism and Competitive
  • Direct Revelation banned from Fanatic Elitism
  • Royal Absolutism, Imperial Economy banned from Pluralism

Government Changes

  • All “capitalist” governments banned from Cooperative (in some cases this is implicit with civics)
  • Some “capitalist” governments require Competitive (in some cases this is implicit with civics)
  • All “socialist” governments banned from Competitive (in some cases this is implicit with civics)
  • Certain “socialist” governments banned from Fanatic Elitism
  • Most “socialist” governments require Cooperative
  • Absolute Monarchy requires Elitism ethics or Patrimonial Aristocracy civic
  • Constitutional Monarchy banned from Fanatic Elitism
  • Republic of Virtue, Federal Republic, Revolutionary Republic, Republican Directory banned from Elitism
  • Republican Protectorate, Revolutionary Empire banned from Fanatic Elitism
  • Utopian Despotism, Utopian Socialism banned from Elitism
  • Empire of Rapine, Kingdom of the Sun, and Crime Family banned from Pluralism
  • Rogue Freehold, Corporate Banditry require Competitive
  • Direct Democracy works with every government that requires Democratic except Enterprise Society.

Compatibility and Known Issues

  • This patch can work with legacy versions of GVP, but I can’t guarantee a lack of jank from feature mismatches. Some government requirements may change, and some civics may have features that don’t work in older versions of Stellaris, but overall it should be fine.
  • This is designated as compatible with (and is designed with the ethics in that version in mind as well), but will also work with , the mod author’s most recent version of the mod. You will have to ignore a warning about missing required items when you subscribe though if you’re using Alternative. Additionally, this cross-compatibility means that this patch references ethics not present in Ethics & Civics Alternative, so you may see warnings in the error log about that if you’re using Alternative. They can be ignored.
  • In my work on this patch I’ve discovered that some of the governments I’ve added are simply impossible in one or another or both versions of E&CO. This is because E&CO adds ethics requirements to base game civics that, when you think about it, are logical and serve to distinguish them more from each other. However, I used “paradoxical” combinations of civics at times to create government concepts out of their combination. I can’t say that the E&CO way doesn’t make sense, but I do think it’s a shame things like, e.g., Market Socialism aren’t viable. This mod won’t address this, though, since the goal is not complete adaptation of all GVP content to E&CO. All I’m trying to do here is avoid what seem like preposterous results.
  • In terms of more general compatibility, this mod only contains modified files from GVP. This means there can’t be any file conflicts with other mods.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a very rough patch, I have not really tested it. The changes it makes are so basic (just adding new requirements) that it seemed hard to mess up… but that doesn’t mean I didn’t mess anything up. If anything is not working as described here, let me know!

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