Extended Research For Mod

Extended Research For Mod

Extended Research Compatible with 1.6.*
Game version: 1.6.*

My 2nd Mod and a WIP
Currently it adds:
10 New Researches
1 New Strategic Resource
1 New Eddict

Society Research
Artificial Insemination which requires genome maping and grants a -10 % Growth Time modifier.
Improved Unity which requires Hypercomms Forums and gives a 5% increase to Unity Output (It has 10 levels so up to a 50% Unity Output Increase)
Society Research Station which allows you to add a station modifier for society research to your orbital station
Improved Unity which is a repeatable technology up to X and every level brings a 5% increased unity multiplier
Adds back the Propaganda Transmissions repeatable technology up to level 3 which brings a 10% empire border multiplier per level

Physics Research
Physics Research Station which allows you to add a station modifier for physics research to your orbital station
Curator Enchanced AI which brings further a better research speed yield than sentinel AI
Self Examinational Logic which allows you to have more research alternatives
Enhanced Administrative AI which is an improved version of the Administrative AI and thus giving a better research speed bonus

Engineering Research
Engineering Research Station which allows you to add a station modifier for engineering research to your orbital station
Mineral Enrichment Pouder Refining which unlocks the mineral enrichment pouder strategic resource

Some Notes
Researching Physics&Engineering&Society Research Stations will give you acces to a “Master Research Station that boosts all research”
Strategic resources are not save game compatible if I am not mistaken

Other mods that you might be interested in
Extended Buildings Mod Adds more researchable buildings and such

Update picture to display accurate icons

If you have any ideas for future updates feel free to post them

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