Fallen Empire Alpha Mod

Fallen Empire Alpha Mod

Basically I’m working on a mod that sets the player up as a fallen empire through the use of events and buffs at the beginning.

I’m going to have the narrative of you being a precursor race sensing the abrubt increase in sentient life (game start) so you’re awoken from cryo to decide how to proceed.

Fallen Empire Alpha Mod Features

  • Somewhat filled out starting event where you can pick which fallen empire to be. For now this allows you to change your ethics to the empire one.
  • Semi-functional ethics manipulator: Allows you to pick new ethics in game without having to change it from the select nation screen. Current major bug is that you can have a total of 4 ethics if you press the wrong buttons. This only happens at the beginning.
  • Trait Picker that allows you to have as many traits that are compatible with each other. Has framework to add modded traits in one day.
  • Year long buff at the beginning to help carve out your empire quickly. Restrictive buff that has some fallen empire stats is also put in place. [these will change heavily in future versions]
  • All non-repeatable tech is researched at the beginning. It hangs a bit so be patient its just giving you every tech in the game.
  • Starting system is fully surveyed with all deposit mines placed automatically. Rest of galaxy has been surveyed since you already know what its like.
  • Its been commented out but attempts at spawning a fixed number of colony ships were made.However too many spawning at the capital results in some ending up in the centre of the galaxy with no way out. Event spawning in neighbour systems also has had no luck.
  • Fallen Empire Ships are set and the buildings are also available. I might do a cost for them in the future. Ships are put in thanks to files from Fallen Empire Ships & Stations by Patrock.
  • Changes your government type to stagnated ascendancy.
  • You get a size 25 gaia homeworld.
We dont have any information about the author of this mod. If you are an author, please contact us or leave a comment below and we will add your credits.
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