Faster Gameplay For Stellaris

Faster Gameplay For Stellaris

Speeds up gameplay by increasing research, building and growth along with eliminating per-colony research penalties and reducing influence costs for outposts and distant colonies.
Updated for 1.6


All changes affect players and AI equally
200% bonus to research speed
Per-colony research penalty removed
200% bonus to ship building speed
200% bonus to colony development speed
Double population growth speed
Double planetary building construction speed
Double tile blocker clearing speed
Double spaceport construction and upgrade speed
Double construction ship building speed
Double teraforming speed
Outpost mineral cost and influence maintenance halved
Distance-based influence cost for colonies halved
Compatibility: This mod should be compatible with almost all mods now as research changes were switched to starting techs given to all players/AI instead of modifying the stock tech files. Research increases will apply to techs from other mods as well.

2.0 Changes

Research boosts implemented as starting techs now to make this mod compatible with other tech mods, boosting new techs research speed as well.
Added speed boosts to pop growth, building construction, ship construction, miniing/research station construction, tile blocker clearing and teraforming.

This mod was inspired by Speed Up v1.5 – several of the numbers used for research cost come from that mod.

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