Faster Leader Pool Replacement (3 Years) For Stellaris

Faster Leader Pool Replacement (3 Years) For Stellaris

A very simple mod that refreshes the leaders in the leader recruitment pool each 3rd year, compared to each 10th years in the game originally.

I recomend using this version of the mod together with one of my negative leader/Ruler trait mods. (See below for links)

Should be compatible with any other mod that does not change this value.

Works for patch 1.6.*
Other versions of this mod:
4 years and 60 influence
Every year

Also check out one of my other simple mods:
-[Negative Leader & Ruler Traits] Adds negative traits to the trait pool for both leaders and rulers.

-[More Leader Traits] increases the starting traits for normal leaders to 2, and rulers to 3.

-[4 Ethic Points] allows you to choose 4 Ethics for your faction instead of 3.

If anyone would like a version with different values, just tell me and I will upload one as soon as possible.

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