Fixed Turrets Lite For Stellaris

Fixed Turrets Lite For Stellaris

1.6.* compatible ????

Noticed how battles look up close and made a mod that changes up turrets to be mostly single barreled/dual launcher.

Also changed some sizes and “enhanced” the look of artillery and autocannon turrets.

And fixed broken turret positions on Mammalian, Arthropoid and Fungoid bows

Figured not everyone would want all the other changes and just the positional fixes so made this lite version.

If you want the full version with the rest of the turret changes then you can get it here Fixed Turrets

This will also fix turret positions in New Ship Classes and Realistic Ships if you use either of those (or both)

Now fixes turret positions for Ships reworked.

I would have fixed some positions on ISB but I was unsure if they where actually broken or if the creator intended for them to be where they where so I left it alone.

It does not fix turrets positions on custom colored shipsets like Dark Mamalian. If you would like to see positional fixes on anything like that, then request it and I’ll (probably) add it in.

Unless Paradox fixes these themselfs then this should always be compatabile. I figure this would technically still be compatabile just useless technically since the game would already do what this mod does.

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