Fleet Size Crash Reduction (0.8x) Mod

Fleet Size Crash Reduction (0.8x) Mod

Reduces naval capacity by 20% for all normal empires. Ship maintenance, build time, build cost, shield/hp, and fire rate are all proportionally increased to offset that.

But, but… why less?

In big galaxies (particularly 1500+ star modded galaxies), the game tends to grind to a halt and crash with so many massive fleets flying around. Reducing fleet sizes by 20% helps alot.

Crisis/Fallen Empire/Monster fleets are untouched. Base Awakened Empire fleet capacity is reduced by ~13% (1000->850) to reduce lag. Difficulty/balance should be exactly the same as vanilla.

It also has the added benefit of making space battles feel more intimate.

Designed to be compatible and balanced for with pretty much anything, even ship/parts mods. Updated for 1.7.x, but future versions will probably work just fine.

Uses the awesome initializer event from shuulleech’s fleet size mod. For a bigger reduction, please check it out!

For a more extreme reduction (0.25x),
However, the price increases don’t work with modded ships. The event-based modifiers which make that possible don’t work with such an extreme reduction, thanks to additive stacking.

Also, I’m open to further lag-reducing suggestions. Also I’ll make different versions upon request, 0.8x is just my personal preference atm.

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