Galactic Traditions For Stellaris

Galactic Traditions For Stellaris

Inspired by the work of Birdy ( Plentiful Traditions ) and tooled around the idea of having a tradition tree for each of the ascension types.

The locked-ascension tradition trees are as follows, and each give 2 ascension perks on finishing.

Machina – Synthetic Ascension
Gaia – Biological Ascension
Psionics – Psionic Ascension
The other tradition trees are as follows:

Voidcraft – Locked to Master Builders
Machina Tree:

Adoption effect – +10% Robot Output
Finish Effect – Building Time -20%, unlock double ascension perk slots (2 instead of 1)
Integrated AI – +1 leader levels
Effortless Maintainence – Synthetic maintainence costs decreased by 15%
Systematic Production – Synthetic production output is increased by 20%
Advanced Calculations – Ship speed is increased by 20%
Multi-threaded Research – +1 research alternatives
Gaia Tree:

Adoption effect – Population growth requirements decreased by 10%
Finish effect – Terraforming speed increased by 20%, unlock double ascension perk slots (2 instead of 1)
Gene-Tinkering – +1 trait point
Climate Specialists – Terraforming speed increased by 10%
Wild Frontiers – Habitability increased by 20%
Master of the Flesh – +2 trait points
Terraformation Specialists – Terraforming speed increased by 20%
Psionics Tree:

Adoption effect – Ethic attraction increased by 25%
Finish effect – Influence increased by 2, unlock double ascension perk slots (2 instead of 1)
Psionic Sense – Planet sensor range increased by 25%
Cohesive Leadership – Edict length increased by 15%
Wordless Studies – Research speed increased by 10%
Contribution – Army upkeep reduced by 25%
Path to Tranquility – Happiness increased by 25%, faction influence increased by 20%
Voidcraft Tree:

Adoption effect – Ship building cost reduced by 5%
Finish effect – Megastructures build 33% faster, and cost 25% less
Automated Production – Ship cost reduced by 15%
Valour – Ship speed increased by 20%, emergency FTL damage reduced by 25%
Refined Construction – Ship build cost reduced by 15%
Orbital Mastery – Civilian Station build cost reduced by 20%, military station build cost reduced by 15%
Shipwright – Ship build speed increased by 25%
Exploration Tree:

Adoption effect – Ship sensor range increased by 20%
Finish effect – Ship FTL speed increased by 10%
Galactic Surveyors – Science ship survey speed increased by 10%
Anomalous Analysis – Anomaly research speed increased by 10%
Combat Engineering – Ship combat speed increased by 10%
Acceleration Engineering – Ship speed increased by 10%
Time and Relative Dimensions in Space – Ship FTL speed increased by 10%

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