GAPS: Civics

GAPS: Civics

This mod adds civics with special effects, conditional bonuses.

I am currently splitting my mod into traits, civics, and origins and then updating the old one as an omnibus.


Join my discord server to provide bug reports & feedback and get live progress reports. I can’t keep track of more than one location at a time so i just use discord instead of comments here.

You can support me with a follow on my twitch.


  1. Icons and art done by
  2. Thanks to everyone in my discord server that discusses things in depth with me as I try to make the mod better.
  3. Thanks to Alien From Beyond my longest supporter and giver of best feedback
  4. Thanks to wighthood for always spending time with me.
  5. Thanks to Kashou for always making title cards for me even if its just text edits.
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