Genesis Worlds – Better Homeworlds For for Stellaris

Genesis Worlds – Better Homeworlds For for Stellaris

So, I have realized something as I played Stellaris. Homeworlds aren’t worth ANYTHING! You’d think the world being the genesis world of an entire species would make it worth more, and be able to handle better things, but noooo! Sometimes you’re just left with a rinky dink little 16 size planet that simply pales in comparison to other planets you colonize.

No longer! With this mod, all homeworlds of ALL races start with a modifier called “Genesis World”. This modifier gives +15% minerals, +15% energy, and +30% to every science output! This makes your homeworld a very valuable planet, and of course, it also makes the AI’s planets valuable as well!

Should you try to grab that homeworld early? Should you demand it from a war? Now there’s a reason to go after enemy homeworlds, and keep them in your empire!

Note this also effects Fallen Empires, and also Primitive Civilizations as well! Land your troops, purge the filthy Xenos, and build your science labs and mines over the corpses of their pathetic empire for a major resource boost!

Special Thanks to That Feel When, who guided me through Stellaris event modding, and taught me how to do it, even going in and helping me find the problems in the code when tings went bad!

The picture, as usual, does not belong to me, but rather MasStream on youtube!


December 5th 2016
Updated to 1.4 Compatability

Dragon of Desire
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