Hive Mind For Mod

Hive Mind For Mod

Appropriate for roleplaying collective beings, AI, social insects, swarm, brains linked through telepathy or technology.

Updated for 1.6

A free edict you select at the start of the game removes factions and unrest, because there is no divergence in a hive. It also adds a little Happiness to simulate increased productivity through unity. However, individual leaders are penalized and learn very slowly! Colony development is also slow, until the new sub-hive is established. Then slighlty increased Growth kicks in. Migration takes very long and Resettlement is way more expensive, because you can’t just rip out one part of a hive and push it somewhere else without penalty.
A second optional Edict unlocks with the Will to Power tech and costs a little influence (or it doesn’t cost influence if you pick the free version). It consolidates the Hivemind and increases the benefits. It also negates the leader xp penalty, so you can use this either as cheat.
This mod does not give you a flat research penalty. This is to increase roleplaying potential. If you want dumb strong drones in a bug hive, you can use these edicts and make your bug species by picking the appropriate traits. If you want telepathically connected floating brains, weak and smart, you can use this mod and make your species through traits. Most mods of this kind give you a research penalty, because in a hive mind there are no individual geniuses to make research breakthroughs. However most science is busy work and if an entire species of hive minds focuses on particular research goal, they should be able to achieve it at least as fast as individuals. That’s why I give penalty to individual scientists, governors, admirals and generals, but not to the entire species.

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