Homeworld Ethics For Mod

Homeworld Ethics For Mod

16 empire unique buildings for an empire’s homeworld.
Which can be built is based on the ethics of the empire.

Each fanatic ethic allows the player and AI to build both the fanatic and non-fanatic empire unique building on their homeworld.

Each non-fanatic ethic allows the player and AI to build only the non-fanatic empire unique building on their homeworld.

Authoritarian: Global Co-operative
Fanatic Authoritarian: OneMind Movement
Egalitarian: Elite City
Fanatic Egalitarian: Unified Economy Bureau
Materialist: Central Datanet
Fanatic Materialist: Silicon Valley
Militarist: Global Peacekeeping Force
Fanatic Militarist: United Defence Force
Pacifist: International Park
Fanatic Pacifist: Central Memorial
Spiritualist: Capital Cathedral
Fanatic Spiritualist: The Holy City
Xenophile: Space Agency
Fanatic Xenophile: Search For Xeno Intelligence
Xenophobe: Global Police Authority
Fanatic Xenophobe: FirstWorld Movement

The AI tends to build these fairly early in a game as they have no tech prerequisite, have some production and are heavily weighted.

This mod alters no files in vanilla Stellaris so should be compatible with any other mod.

Licence: Original artwork is copyright the author & Alpha Strike Games Limited.

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