Iconian Empire Portraits Mod

Iconian Empire Portraits Mod

This mod adds the Iconians and Heralds from the Star Trek Online Universe.


1. Two animated portrait sets: Iconians and Heralds
2. Iconian system start: Iconia
3. Three Civics: Iconian Whole, Iconian Gateway Technology, and Advanced Technology.

– Iconian Whole: Unlocks the psionic trait for pops and adds an ascension perk.

– Iconian Gateway Tech: Unlocks all required technology to build and use gateways. Also unlocks the Herald Sphere, a Iconian megastructure that works as a combination of several megastructures but to a lesser extent. Each Herald Sphere gives a bonus to your naval capacity and fleet command limit when built. Think of them as gateways with small shipyards.

– Advanced Technology: Can be generally used with other empires for RP purposes. It doubles base ship damage, range, shield, armor, and hull, but reduces country naval cap, build speed, and increases upkeep costs. Also gives a bonus towards building build speed and energy production (Still a work-in-progress, so nothing is final).

-None of these civics will be used randomly by the AI, so no one will encounter empires that have them unless you create them yourself.

4. Two traits for both the Iconians and Heralds
5. Iconian Building – Iconian Gateway
6. Iconian megastructure – The Herald Sphere – a small Dyson sphere that operates as a combination of a Gateway, Strategic Coordination Center, and shipyard. Must have the Iconian Gateway Technology Civic.
7. Iconian flags, rooms, and modifiers
8. Iconian cityset
9. Prescripted Empire


Fallen Empire Ships

Feedback is appreciated. If you have any problems or suggestions, let me know.

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