If Men Were Angels… Stellaris

If Men Were Angels… Stellaris

This mod adds several new governments and civics to the game, each allowing for more cosmetic and functional choices for creating interesting new species!

The initial release of this mod will focus on governments and civics related to a new authority type: Reactionary. Additionally, many of these new choices are reliant upon fanaticism for a particular ideology, something not present in the base game as of yet. Governments and civics have unique icons, terminology and empire name generation.

Reactionary – Reactionary governments value traditional ways of life always try to maintain status quo. They are elective, but only hold elections every 70-75 years, effectively becoming dictatorial in the early game. Additionally, they cannot hold early elections.
Reactionary Equilibrium – A state that values maintaining what it views as historic and traditional ways of life above any particular form of action.
Alternative Conservatism – An alternative form of democratic conservatism characterized by an opposition to immigration, multiculturalism and political correctness.
Jeffersonian Democracy – A representative democracy that holds high the virtue of the yeoman, decries the evil of bankers and industrialists, and strives to spread liberty as a citizen’s duty.
Clerical State – A state governed by a conservative group of clergy, focused on a traditional, ecclesiastical approach to governing the masses.
Crusader Kingdom – A government characterized by a never-ending holy war against the impure, the unrepentent, the unbelievers. The kingdom is ruled by a Count who endeadors to rule with a terrible swift sword.
Counter-Revolutionary Council – An oligarchic form of reactionary government that defines itself by actively opposing liberal revolutions in an attempt to maintain a status quo.
Dark Enlightenment – A traditionalist reactionary method of governance overseen by a monarch, characterized by traditional gender roles and a libertarian-leaning economic system.
Revisionist Dictatorship – An extremely reactionary dictatorship that actively seeks to eradicate any history of rebellion or innovation using advanced technology and psychological techniques.
Third Position Alliance – Advocates a non-standard political view of separate but equal coexistence and citizen liberation, with a bend towards radical economic goals.
Neo-Rexist Imperium – A peaceful imperial monarchy dedicated solely to the protection of it’s own citizens, their traditional ways of life, and the resistance to any foreign agents.
Galactic Bulwark – An empire ruled by a genetically enhanced benevolent emperor, dedicated towards the protection of his people’s traditions and livelihood – via the elimination of every other alternative.
Counter-Revolutionaries – This society reviles those who agitate for change, and as such have formed dedicated unions towards stopping any such detractors from affecting the status quo.

Government Ethic Attraction +10%
Unity Multiplier +10%
Book Burners – Subversive writing is not just intolerated within this society, the active destruction of boat-rocking texts is a core tenet of the government itself.

Edict Cost -75%
Number of Technology Alternatives -1
Anti-Immigration – To remain unified we cannot allow foreigners to enter our lands, influence our children, or disrupt our economies. Close the borders, and close them now!

Planet Unrest -10
Migration Attraction -125%
Monasticism – This species has found it’s calling in communal rectories of prayer and meditation. They live their lives in quiet reverence of their deity, and contemplate their teachings.

Government Ethic Attraction + 50%
Unity Multiplier + 5%
Ethnic Cleansers – In order to unify their planet and prepare for interstellar travel, this species resorted to ethnic cleasing on an unthinkable scale. As a result they are a unified, if not ruthless, race.

Unity Multiplier +20%
Citizen Happiness +20%
Leader Pool SIze -1
Population Growth -65%
Biological Primism – Machines are not our friends, not our equals. They are tools, tools which we created and with which we exercise full control over.

Biological Population Happiness +50%
Robot Maintenence -100%
Robot Production -100%
Eternal Crusaders – What began on this species’ home world as a method to eradicate their ideological opposition has come to define their very way of life. They will not rest until they have achieved glory for their God.

Insult Efficiency +25%
Ship Shield Regeneration +5%
Ship Home Territory Defense +5%
Army Morale Damage +5%
Interventionist – A species that values the sanctity of the right for all cultures to exist, to the point of being more than willing to enter into a defensive war to protect the meek.

Cede Planet Demand Cost -25%
Trust Growth +5%
Defensive War Ship Build Speed +10%

Rith Essa
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What is Stellaris mods?

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