! Immersive Beautiful Stellaris !

! Immersive Beautiful Stellaris !

<warring: all instructions are machine translation>

117 New Sky Box
Galaxy position affects skybox
Beautify the Milky Way map
Optimize the lens
Simplify the map UI
100 new wallpapers
New room background
New flag
Other new materials

-Change the appearance of the sky box according to the position of the galaxy in the Milky Way
-The color of the core object will determine the skybox hue
-The sky box may change over time and some environmental conditions
-Cool color Milky Way, better Milky Way Map UI
-Simplified + dynamic galaxy map icon, but the necessary information will not be lost
-New wallpapers, mostly from official video screenshots, processed by noise reduction and color toning
-Lots of new flags, divided into 10 groups according to cultural categories
-New room background, new event map, etc.

This mod consists of the following parts

Immersive Beautiful Universe
Simplified map UI
Some other additional art materials.

Auxiliary mod

Golden tone


No achievements.
Should sort after anything.
Must have otherwise you will not see the new banner
Built-in pair , Real Space and support.

Important Announcement:

This mod posted here is in the name of individuals and do not represent any mod group, and it has been allowed by infini7e. Any other users who uploading this mod on workshop are considered misappropriation.
This mod cannot be used for commercial use, please report directly to this account if you find any Misappropriation issue.

Special thanks to:
giggily/ Annatar /Avelium /Agamidae
Foxt/ 0xTQL/ Gatekeeper
LastLeviathan/ Dwaine/ QUENTOPOLIS
Condutiarii/ Shadriss
These people directly or indirectly inspired this mod.
There are so many people who need to be thanked. If there is any omission, please contact me.
If you have any doubts about any material used in this mod, you can contact me to remove it.

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