Immersive Galaxy – Planet Variety, Event Mod

Immersive Galaxy – Planet Variety, Event Mod

Save game enabler

This minimod enable textures on games started before activation this mod. It functions by asking to every planets to reload their entity, and by hte same way, their textures, in rare cases it can potentially overwrite some custom textures by other mods. Jupiter/Luna/Destroyed Barrens now retain their entity.

WARNING: this mod will suppress EVERY tile blocker in the galaxy.

How to use:
Start the game, go to edicts and check “Reload planets texture”, and you’re done.
Alternatively, you can type this in the console:

event IG-Planet-Variety.1

Reloading textures should now avoid retexturing planetary bodies such as jupiter/luna/barren destroyed.
NOT achievement compatible.
NOT ironman compatible.

For modders:
If you use custom textures for any of the vanilla planet in system initializer, please put this flag to avoid being retextured:

flags = { custom }
Thanks to crusader vanguard for the help.

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