Improved Font Mod

Improved Font Mod

Get rid of the vanilla eyesight-destroying bitmap font!

For Stellaris 2.4 – 2.8 and future versions.

This mod add the following fonts to the game:

(as title font for English, etc.)
(as main font for English, etc.)
(replacing the original bitmap version for English, etc.)
(replacing the original Noto Sans CJK*)

The fonts above have respective license to be obeyed when used, and are not properties of mine.

Supports all languages that Stellatis supports.
The font overhaul is implemented using TrueType and OpenType font files, which gives higher resolution and up-to-date glyph support.
This mod also upscaled the font and will cause certain texts to be out of range of display, so try not to use super long names.


Achievements ✔
Save-games ✔
✔Strongly recommended
Any other font mod âŒWill overwrite

Load order

If your translation mod ships fonts, put this after that


Screenshots made with and .

*: Source Han Sans and Noto Sans CJK are actually the same font, but a newer version is used here

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