L-Cluster Plus Mod

L-Cluster Plus Mod

The L-Cluster never really felt that rewarding considering how much preparation it takes to open the L-Gates and that it’s literally the longest and most complex event chain in the game, only rivaled by the Horizon Signal. But now it’s time to give the L-Cluster a second chance!

This mod aims to make the L-Cluster more rewarding while keeping it relatively balanced. It adds more nanite deposits and a few technologies, one of which is a new ship component.

Should be compatible with any other mod that doesn’t overwrite d_nanites_deposit.

Planned changes:
– Special archaeological sites that can only be found in the L-Cluster
– Other small tweaks

If you have any suggestions in terms of what else should be added or changed let me know! Additionally, feel free to message me if you’d like to translate the mod!

Disables achievements.

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