Lots of Traditions – 24 Tradition Slots

Lots of Traditions – 24 Tradition Slots

Compatible with 3.1

This mod adds 17 extra Tradition Slot (Total 24) and a lot of Ascension Perk slots (Total 63).
It also adds a repeatable tech to unlock the AP Slots, the repeatable becomes available after researching Ascension Theory

Compatible Tradition Mods

This mod does not require any other mods to work, however I highly recommend getting atleast one of the compatible Tradition Mods

Ascension Perk Mods

These are also not needed but you will need them to actually have enough Ascension Perks to fill all the slots

Load Order

This is the recommended load order, if youre not using some of these then ignore them.
Any Traditions Mods (Their order doesnt matter)
Lots of Traditions

Other Versions of !LoT

Do not use multiple versions of LoT at the same time, this will cause issues!


Disables Achievements in Ironman
Currently doesnt work right with UI Overhaul Dynamic – More Tradition Categories, any traditions past 16 will be cutoff

Known Issues

Scrollbar looks funny, I dont care, do not complain about this.
Report any issues you find in the comments


SI-Abominus for keeping Plentiful Traditions updated
Girion for Expanded Stellaris Traditions
~~mR.K for


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