Lotus Mod – Starbase Rebalance Mod

Lotus Mod – Starbase Rebalance Mod

The Starbase Loadouts are terrible. Current Starbases can be easily cheesed by a much weaker fleet with long range weapons, corvette spam, or projectile spam. I found this to be unacceptable, so I made a mod that buffs the the overall offense and defense while also varying the types of weapons to reduce huge weaknesses. The Weapon Modules also seemed weak too, so I doubled the amount of torpedos and strike craft they provide and swapped the medium weapons for large weapons.

-This mod overwrites the starbase section templates on only 1 file, but does not overwrite whole vanilla files, so it should be compatible with most mods.
-Just make sure that “Lotus Mod – Starbase Rebalance” is below/after any other mod that effects ship section templetes.
-This mod is NOT compatible with NSC2. If there is enough requests, I’ll make a patch for it.

—–Check Out My Other Mods—–

Advances Ship Sections adds more specialized sections to the existing ship classes
Ship Design Expanded is a combination of all my mods (it includes this mod)
Larger Platforms adds the Defense Station and Fortress defense platforms and buffs the Ion Cannon
Check back on my collection often. I will be adding more mods and patches regularly.

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