Mass Effect Theme Pack Stellaris

Mass Effect Theme Pack Stellaris

» A full blue interface, with blue galaxy and a new nebulae design
» A custom and animated Mass Effect menu with blue buttons
» 15 Mass Effect loading screens
» 19 Mass Effect soundtracks replacing all Stellaris musics
» 40 Mass Effect flags in gold and silver versions
» Asari animated portraits and namelist – Peebee’s facemark in it !
» Cerberus animated portraits and namelist – yes, you can have Miranda’s outfit !
» Alliance animated portraits and namelist
» Turians animated portraits and namelist
» Quarians animated portraits and namelist
» Salarians animated portraits and namelist

◢ As much races portraits and namelists as possible – in the meantime, this mod works with other ME mods
….. ✓ Asari, Cerberus, Alliance (1.2), Turians (1.2), Quarians (1.2), Salarians (1.2)
….. ✗ Krogan (planned for the 1.3)
….. ✗ Geth (planned for the 1.3)
….. ✗ Batarians (planned for the 1.3)
….. ✗ Collectors (planned for the 1.3)
….. ✗ Proteans
….. ✗ Volus
….. ✗ Drell
….. ✗ Vortcha
….. ✗ Hanar
….. ✗ Yahg
….. ✗ Elcor
….. ✗ Kett (Mass Effect Andromeda)

◢ UI Sounds Effects
◢ Mass Effect Relays
◢ Galaxy
◢ Reapers invasion – never done events, but i’m gonna try !
◢ 3D Ships – I’ll see what i can do about that when everything else will be working (don’t know how to make ships right now)
REPORT ISSUES HERE : Bugs Report Topic
Do you want new music ? Wishlist – Soundtracks

Contribute to this mod : Community Working Area – Turian namelist
Contribute to this mod : Community Working Area – Salarian namelist
Contribute to this mod : Community Working Area – Krogan namelist
Contribute to this mod : Community Working Area – Batarian namelist

NEW ! Contribute to this mod : Community Working Area – Prescripted empires
You will be added in the Credits

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