Matrioshka Brain Start for Gigastructures

Matrioshka Brain Start for Gigastructures

Matrioshka Reality Simulator Start For Gigastructures

This gives you an origin that lets you start on a virtual world in a damaged Matrioshka brain. The simulation has crashed, ejecting you back to reality. Until now your entire reality had been a lie, what will you do now?

It is an addition to, and requires

Organics Beware: Organic pops do not breed when they spend their existence in cyro suspension hooked into virtual reality. Pops = Power, so this is quite a slow start.


  • This needs Gigastructural Engineering installed and activated. It won’t work otherwise. Order does not matter as it does not override anything.
  • Any Gigastructure features or behaviour changes should be requested on Gigastructures, I am not modifying any of the core Gigastructures mod.

Many thanks to the Gigastructures authors for their excellent mod. This mod is posted with their permission.
Whether or not it will be folded into the main mod (like Birch World Start), is up to them if they have time from giving us even crazier megastructures to play with.

My Other Mods

  • : An improved version of Voidtouched about habitat living
  • : Start in an isolated cluster outside the galaxy.
  • : Stop certain species breeding where you don’t want them.

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