Megastructures Improvements [1.6] for Stellaris

Megastructures Improvements [1.6] for Stellaris

Makes a few changes to the megastructures sytem to make them more feasible for the mid-late game instead of solely being an end-game feature, as well as a few tweaks to generally improve the system.

1 Megastructure per system limit removed
Multiple Megastructures can now be constructed at once
Ring Worlds can now be constructed around black holes
Ring Worlds and Dyson Spheres can now be constructed in systems with uninhabited habitable planets (Orbital Habitats may be inhabited)
Time for all Ring World section construction reduced by 25%
Time for all Dyson Sphere segment construction reduced by 25%
Cost for all Dyson Sphere segment construction reduced by 15%
Mega-Engineering tech moved from Tier 4 to Tier 3, making it able to appear earlier in the tech tree
Drop rate of the Mega-Engineering tech if you have the Master Builders ascension perk increased slightly

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