Military Station No-Build Zone Rebalance For for Stellaris

Military Station No-Build Zone Rebalance For for Stellaris

This Mod changes the default “no-build” distance between Space stations.
Military station can now protect each other even better.

Now you can seriously protect important systems with a cluster of Military stations.
(If you can afford the maintenance costs :>)

VANILLA (current version – 1.6)
@build_block_radius_military = 200

VANILLA (before version 1.6)
@build_block_radius_small = 70
@build_block_radius_medium = 90
@build_block_radius_large = 110

@build_block_radius_small = 10
@build_block_radius_medium = 20
@build_block_radius_large = 40

REMARK – station durability:
As fact that you can place station closer to each other than in VANILLA, I did not use the new durability parameters from version 1.6!
Overview Hitpoints: THIS MOD (= before version 1.6) / VANILLA (current version – 1.6)
military station small = 2000 / 5000
military station medium = 4000 / 10000
military station large = 8000 / 15000

All station parameters are from old VANILLA (before version 1.6), except the build block radius!

If you wanna use it with SPS – Ship Power Stations, check out the mod from dirkleton!
Military Stations NBZ Redone

Check out my other little Mod => Navy Size per Pop Rebalance

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