Mobile Interdictors Mod

Mobile Interdictors Mod

A lightweight mod that adds one thing: A mobile subspace snare

The device itself is a Cruiser-only Aux slot item. It’s intended to be fairly expensive item as you’ll realistically only need one per fleet. The Mobile Subspace Snare grants a mild (10%) bonus to the ship’s Sensor range and acts as an FTL magnet. There is no aura associated with the item.

The Mobile Subspace Snare is unlocked by a rare Physics/Voidcraft tech that unlocks after you can build cruisers.

All assets are copies of those found in-game. I’m no graphics artist, so I’m not even going to worry about it.

This mod changes no vanilla files, so it should be compatible with just about everything else out there.

Mod Version: 1.4
Supported Game version(s): 1.6.*
Upload Date: 5/10/17

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