More AI Personalities For Stellaris

More AI Personalities For Stellaris

Current Version: 1.4.3 (Released 6/15/17, Compatible with Adams Patch)
MAP introduces new AI personalities to your game, adding more diversity to your playthroughs. There are a wide range of new personalities, ranging from warmongers to peace-lovers. Some have real-world/historical inspirations, others are based on fictional ones, yet others are completely made up. Though some of these personalities will be quite similar to existing ones, I’ve tried my best to make each unique in terms of behavior. Each personality will also come with unique custom diplomacy text that can appear in-game.

This mod should be compatible with most other mods except those that add in new backgrounds. The only vanilla files it changes are “common/opinion_modifiers/01_personality_opinions.txt” and “gfx/portraits/asset_selectors/room_textures.txt”. However, please note that any mods that add or remove ethics, traits, and civics will likely cause an imbalance in the chances various personalities will spawn as the chances various personalities were spawned were coded with vanilla in mind. Due to the nature of this mod, it is being continuously tweaked in regards to how likely AI personalities are to appear, their behavior, and so on. I will continue to tweak existing personalities, and add new ones, as I see fit.

For requests, bug reports, and other comments, PLEASE POST IN THE PI FORUM THREAD HERE, THANK YOU!

Note: Full translations into languages other than English are not available, but the mod will still work in other languages – the text will just display as English. Partial translations into Russian and French are available at the moment. Several users are currently working on Russian, German, Spanish, and French translations – I am more than happy if you’re willing to help translate the other languages, even a little bit is better than nothing!

List of New Personalities
Currently, there are 50 new AI personalities which are listed below. More will be coming! For an explanation of every personality, their inspirations, and intended behavior, click here.

Adventure Seekers
Aspiring Precursors
Benign Spirits
Bringers of Paradise
Carefree Hippies
Civilized Nomads
Connoisseurs of Food
Cosmopolitan Imperials
Cultivated Scholar-Gentry
Defenders of the Faith
Depraved Breeders
Dwellers in the Ephemeral
Efficient Bureaucrats
Enforcers of Law
Enterprising Corsairs
Experts in Xenocide
Flowers of War
Generous Philanthropists
Guerilla Fighters
Haughty Supremacists
Hedonistic Visionaries
Hopeless Pessimists
Insecure Imitators
Insidious Opportunists
Inspired Dreamers
Lazy Managers
Middle Kingdom
Melodious Composers
Naive Appeasers
Nonaligned Preservationists
Outcast Pariahs
Patronizing Colonizers
Plunderers of Knowledge
Princes of Madness
Proud Nationalists
Psychotic Hordes
Reclusive Hermits
Sadistic Loremasters
Savage Raiders
Slave Soldiers
Slave Traders
Splendid Isolationists
Storytelling Aficionados
Studious Builders
Sublime Porte
Totalitarian Patriots
Total Nutcases
Trapped in a Machine
Unfathomable Artificers
Warrior Mystics
Most Recent Update: 1.4.3 (Released 6/15/17)
Updated to Bradbury/1.7.X
Reclusive Hermits now have -30 opinion with those who are both Spiritualist AND Militarist
Unfathomable Artificers now have additional -50 opinion with those who are Spiritualist
Fixed Reclusive Hermits not having 30 opinion bonus with those who are both Spiritualist and Pacifist
My Other Mods
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Stellaris Incest Mod – Bring Xwedodah to the Stars!: A mini-mod that adds a special “Divine Marriage” trait and other related features such as new incest-related AI personalities and leader traits, for players who want a bit of CKII magic.

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What is Stellaris mods?

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