More Anime Portraits

More Anime Portraits

This mod adds a new species group called Animoids, which use anime style portraits. This mod is extremely inspired by the “Weeb Races” mod. I did not reuse any of their images, but I absolutely found some of the original artwork they used and used them in mine as well. My goal was to include more races and more portrait options for each race. I did my best to keep it PG, but I wouldn’t share this with friends or family anyway. Kind of accidentally made it a monstergirl mod because I was trying to give some uniqueness and diversity to the groups.

UI Overhaul 1080p is not required to use this mod. However I made this mod with using it in mind. I cannot recommend it enough.

Included are the following races:

  • Angel (I had devils so it made sense to add as a rival to them, features bird wings and halos.)
  • Anubis (I don’t really know what a jackal is, but this one is Egyptian themed.)
  • Catgirl (I don’t want to hear ‘oh this one image isn’t really a catgirl’)
  • Devil (Features horns and occasionally wings, more satanic themed than dragons but that’s not saying much.)
  • Dragon (A reptilian looking group featuring wings, horns, and usually claws.)
  • Elf (Pointy Ears)
  • Mermaid (Half human, half fish. Suffers from the problem that the fish half is almost always out of frame. This is a recurring theme.)
  • Harpy (Bird people, unlike Angels their arms are usually the wings. Absolutely no halos.)
  • Human (For those UNE or COM runs)
  • Lamia/Naga (Like Mermaids, except half human, half snake, you have to use your imagination for the most part but I did go out of my way to try to include some tail in each one so they’re recognizable.)
  • Spider/arachne (Like Mermaids except half spider, again you have to use your imagination a bit.)
  • Touhou (Literally a random assortment of characters from the series, and only like 20 of them. Sorry if I didn’t add your favorite. Also defies logic as many characters fit in well as other races.)
  • Vampires (I liked having a vampire race with the weeb mod portraits, so I made one more to that theme. Great for a Necroid species.)

Other Features

  • Does not require any DLC.
  • Not Ironman Compatible, sorry
  • Every single race features 20 or more images.
  • The humans and catgirls are special because I made certain portraits fit certain roles between the scientists, generals, and admirals. I initially was gong to make a separate militant and nonmilitant race for each, but I scrapped that idea and combined the two into one. For every other race every portrait can be used in every role.
  • The animoid races will appear as random species throughout the game. They will have random stellaris-like names. I couldn’t figure out how to give them fixed names.
  • I’d recommend making a custom empire for each race to get the thematic setup of each one the way you want it. (I love making necroid vampires, angel and devil rivals, and fanatic purifier catgirls.)
  • Localisation file which allows other empires to call you garbage for playing an anime race. This shouldn’t be special but I really struggled with that very simple file so I want you to know about it.
  • You can change which animod race you’re using via the genetic engineering. You can’t pick which image in the group gets used but you could play as (animoid) humans and develop genetically engineered catgirls. The future is now.
  • Commonwealth of Man Note If you want to use these in the human empires you can edit them and save them as custom empires. However the commonwealth of man will produce a human advanced start empire that isn’t the UNE. I’d recommend altering their origin to prevent this and just pretend it’s on. So long as the portrait race is the same and the species names are the same you can have several empires with the same species just fine.


  • Are the portraits animated?
    No, and that will never happen here.
  • I don’t see any guys, will you add some?
    Sorry no, while some races probably have enough artwork around of men the more specific themes do not. I opted to just avoid them entirely. Every portrait is unisex. How often do you really stop to check the gender of each character?
  • I don’t want these to show up as random empires, what can I do?
    In the install of the mod find the file called 00_Animoid_classes.txt Open it up and find the line that starts with ###randomized = no. Delete the three “#” and save. This will mean only the empire you play as will ever use the portraits. Not even custom empire set to spawn will show up. You’ve have to redo it if I update but I don’t plan on doing that often.
  • I don’t like X race and don’t want them around. How can I remove one or two races?
    Again go to the 00_Animoid_classes.txt file. Below the randomized line is a list of all the races in quotes. Just delete the name of the race you don’t want. They appear in the order they’re listed and have sorta reasonable names. You’ll have to repeat that after an update.
  • I don’t like a single image in a race. Can I get rid of it?
    Inside the mod under modelsportraitsAnimoid are folders of each race. You could find the one you don’t like and replace it with a duplicate of one you do like. Alternatively you could mess with 01_portraits_Animoid.txt
  • Will you add more races?
    Maybe eventually, at the moment I only had one other race planned, slime, which would feature semitransparent portraits. Beyond that I have no plans to add more.

    This has been a passion project I’ve worked on for a while. I don’t plan on making any other stellaris mods.

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