Munificent-class Star Frigate Mod

Munificent-class Star Frigate Mod

For Stellaris 2.6.*

Yet another stand alone ship mod x2 😛

Munificent Class Star Frigate

-A middle ground ship between destroyers and cruisers.
-Cheap to build but a lot of slots meaning a lot of additional cost (I tried mybest to make it cheap as possible)
-Hull of 5000 with a bonus of 1500 armor. Depending on given feedback, I might buff this or not.


Inverted Turrets! = The first ever mod ship to have inverted turret! 😛
-No dlc needed
-Somewhat Balance (A fully equiped Munificent will have a fleet power of 5-7k at least)
-Engine and Light Effects


-Tech Destroyers
-No build cap.


-Q: On the video, only 1 side has turret, why?
–A: I purposely set that so that I can fully check if the turrets are tracking right, and they did.


Model – Admiral Tributon

Too OP? use this:

My Stand-Alone Ship mods:

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