Mythos Demikind Portrait Pack Stellaris

Mythos Demikind Portrait Pack Stellaris

Introducing a fresh collection of portraits to the Mythos portrait pack line. This one focuses on half-breeds, near-humans and mythical humanoid creatures of many varieties.

To be specific, this pack includes the following:

Dragonkin – Offering two options, draconic halfbreed women and their dragon masters or merely the dragon touched women themselves.
Kitsune – Kami touched spirit girls of various kinds. What kind of chaos could a clan of mischievous spirits get up to with access to FTL, one wonders?
Celestials – Perhaps theres a reason winged beings exist in so many of earths ancient cultures. Yet what was the true intentions of this winged humanoid race? This pack includes a general and female only option.
Fiends – Every civilisation had it’s own demons, some even worshipped these cruel beings. Will yours be a galaxy conquering menace or merely misunderstood? This range includes a general option and one for each gender.

Several packs are short on men, so no male only range of any substantial size could be offered. This may change if I find enough pictures to modify.

Stay tuned for more portrait packs to be added to the Mythos line in the near future.

Naturally all copyright to the original owners, render forgers and artists. No copyright infringement intended.

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