New Planets WH40k new ver for Stellaris

New Planets WH40k new ver for Stellaris

Warhammer 40k Planets

Wiki page with Planet Bonuses

New buildings icon thanks to Zeratul Vergil ! thanks ????

What does it do?
In short:
This mod adds new advanced planet types inspired by WH40K universe.

1. Industrial World
2. Forge World v1
3. Forge World v2
4. Forge World v3
5. Fortress World
6. Penal World
7. Shrine World
8. Agri World
9. Hive World
10. Small Tundra Hive World
11. Small Ocean Hive World
12. Small Continental Hive World
13. Small Tropical Hive World
14. Small AridHive World
15. Forge World v1 with iron ring
16. Forge World v2 with iron ring
17. Forge World v3 with iron ring
18. Super Hive
19. Mega Hive

And 2 special worlds

20.Tomb World
21. Daemon World

Important! If you choose sol as starting system earth or mars will not change! Devs said that they will fix this in 1.5 ver.

New planet types you can make by placing special buildings.

1. Industrial World – factory_complex
2. Forge World – omnissiah_factory_complex
3. Forge World v2 – omnissiah_power_station_complex
4. Fortress World – fortress_complex
5. Penal World – penal_colony
6. Shrine World – shrine_complex
7. Agri World – farm_complex
8. Hive World – hive_city
9. Small Tundra Hive World – small_hive
10. Small Ocean Hive World – small_hive
11. Small Continental Hive World – small_hive
12. Small Tropical Hive World – small_hive
13. Small AridHive World – small_hive

special worlds

14.Tomb World – event only
15. Daemon World – type in console comand – planet_class pc_daemon

Every planet have it’s special bonuses.

To make Forge worlds you need to change planet to industrial world first.

Once a planet become for example hive world it will be impossible to change it for example to shrine world.

It should work with everything because I didn’t change main game files.

I’m loking for people to help me with “total conversion warhammer40k mod”!!! ????

Mod forum

I started making this mod for myself but in some point it develop to this extent that I thought it is worth sharing with others and it look like a lot of you enjoy it. This mod is free and always will be free but since some people are interested in donations to help me get dlc here it is.

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What is Stellaris mods?

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