Overloaded Command Ship For Mod

Overloaded Command Ship For Mod

COMMAND SHIP – An Overloaded Mod
Version: 1.6.*

This mod adds a new ship class to the game. The command ship
is meant to fit the role of a fleet flagship. It provides
buffs to other ships through auras. It also carries a compliment
of fighters/bombers into battle.

The AI is meant to keep the ship at range and away from combat.
The ship will sit at 120 range which should be behind all other ships.
The ship auras are quite large, and every ship in the fleet should be
within range of the buff at all times.

Current Status:

– This is an update that has made some tweaks to the original.

– I have a specific vision for the ship so while I will take suggestions,
I expect to keep to my vision for the ship.

– I have modified the combat AI, I was unable to fix the orbit logic in
a manner that I considered satisfactory. As a result, I have upped the
hit points and armor of the ship to allow it to survive if it takes some

– The aura range on the ship is intentionally large (300).

– All enemy debuff auras were removed, and instead some additional beneficial
auras were added.

– Ship cost and time to build have been increased.

– Ship AI will try to finish any ship that is near death.

– Combat computers on the ship buff’s JUST the Command Ship Range and fire rate.
This is to allow for some means of defense against a smaller attack fleet without
giving it battleship type firepower. You still will rely on your fighters and
other ships in the fleet for defense.

– Reduced the sensor range of the ship by ~20% on average. It is still larger than
any other ship.

– You can now carry a maximum of two auras, down from three. Auras will stack with
each other but not with itself, so pick two you like.

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