Overloaded Computers Mod

Overloaded Computers Mod

Version 1.6.*


– All new high level computers usable by both Human and CPU with custom behaviors.
– New ship logic to provide a bit of variety between aggressive and defensive AI.
– Ship bonuses to make ships that use them a bit more advanced then their contemporaries. Balanced by an increases to maintenance cost.
– Ships in general should move more as a unit and not get stretched out.
– Destroyers Cruisers and Corvettes should form in concert the front line, with slightly different approaches.
– Capital ships are the back line.
– Additional computers that the CPU won’t use available for the player still going through play testing.


First re-release since I discontunied my old mod, still play testing. Uses custom assets, so no conflicts but AI
may prefer the new computers over any other mod’s computers. The chart is the original idea behind how the
ships should behave, however the reality of the Stellaris ship behavior system requires fine tweaking so the
combat ranges are not always going to be perfect.

Modifies the following defines:

COMBAT_BACK_OFF_RATE = 1.0 # Default 0.04

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