Pan-Slavic Namelist For Mod

Pan-Slavic Namelist For Mod

I want to start by saying that this is my very first mod, that it’s still a work in progress, and that I really appreciate any feedback I can get.

The goal of this mod is to create a template from which you can make your own Slavic-themed empire.

Currently includes:
– Russian names
– Ukranian names
– Polish names
– Czech names
– Slovak names
– Slovene names
– Serbocroatian names (I can seperate these, if there is a demand for it)
– Bulgarian names

All have full gender congruence where appropriate (example: Ivan Bogdanov, Ivana Bogdanova).

Planned features:
– More names for the existing cultures
– Adding more Slavic cultures
– Adding more planet names
– Making names for ships, stations, armies etc. These are currently using a standard human namelist.

Known bugs:
When generating characters, both in-game and in the empire creator, names sometimes end up completely blank. This bug seems to be inherent to my solution to the problem that Stellaris doesn’t normally support the use of gendered surnames, which is obviously needed to create authentic Slavic names. As such, this seems to be an unsolvable problem, for now.

It is luckily easy to work around, though, you can just use the game’s rename function on any character that shows up blank. Just move the mouse cursor to where the name should be (it’ll be a tiny box in this case, because there is no name, but if you just move it around slowly, you’ll see that the text next to the cursor changes when you’re hovering over the right place), click on it, and just type in any name you want in the text box that appears.

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