Planet Matters – Improved Planet Modifiers Stellaris

Planet Matters – Improved Planet Modifiers Stellaris

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In vanilla game, the most important property of a planet is its tile size. The planet modifiers are not that important. This mod improves that by simply doubling all planet modifiers (For example, “25% more mineral” is now “50% more mineral”). So whenever you discover a planet with special modifiers, you will now be more excited.

On the other hand, the modifiers should still be as balanced as vanilla game, since every modifier is modified (including the negative ones). If you find something underpowered/overpowered, please leave a message in the comment. I will update it later.


1. Planet modifiers are doubled. The capital modifiers are increased as well (except border range).

2. Assistant research is also a planet modifier. It is now 20% instead of 10%.

3. In research window, scientists with each level gain 3% research bonus instead of 2%. So a 5 star scientist increases research speed by 15% instead of 10% in vanilla game.


Should be compatible with mods that adds ADDITIONAL modifiers but not edit VANILLA ones.

Save game compatible

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1. Spawn chance for planets with modifiers is doubled. I think they are too rare in vanilla game.
2. Rebalanced some modifiers. “High gravity” penalty is greatly increased. Those planets are often spawned with high mineral production. 20% additional construction cost is negligible. Now it is 100%.

Initial release

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