Project Strike Mod

Project Strike Mod

Do you want mechas? I know I do!

This mod basically adds a new ship class called Escort Strike group which allows for creation of strike craft ship class with no hangars. The weapons it uses are the ones a standard military ship can equip and the potential is limited only by how much power you allocate the ship.

– Custom Mecha models for the Mecha Squadron available after Exosuit Tech.
– Easily compatible with alot of component mods.
– Supports WSG, Navalships, Scrin, and Machine custom shipsets.
– Customizable behavior from swarm, picket, line, and artillery ship behaviors.

Q: Can the AI use it?
A: Unfortunately due to the nature of how mods go, the code with the AI to use this ship class is saved in my privated mod as it will break this mods compatibility with a dozen mods if I included it. If you people prefer for me to include that code then I am willing to do so. Just let me know at the comments.

Q: I recommend you do XYZ or add this and that…..
A: This is a more personal mod that I made available for public to use in case they are interested. Therefore I will not implement changes based on suggestions unless I also agree on that change/addition.

Q: There’s a bug!
A: As far as I am testing it with my own personal modset, I am not encountering issues. I won’t be responding to bug fixes unless I also encounter them.

Q: Do I need the DLCs listed?
A: No they are just there to indicate those DLC shipsets are supported

Q: Can I copy and modify this mod for my own use?
A: Feel free to do so any go beyond this mods scope. All I ask is to credit me if you decide to publish it publicly.

Q: What do I need to build one?
A: You first need to research the Strikecraft tech and then the exosuit for the mecha section.

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