Realistic Habitability 1.5.* Mod

Realistic Habitability 1.5.* Mod

This planet habitation mod is based on the assumption that water (to some degree) is essential for all life. Unlike other planet mods, this preserves all vanilla planets, but allows for effective colonization along a more linear curve from “warmest” to “coldest”. In other words, this works exactly like current vanilla gameplay, but also allows you to colonize two additional planet types at a base of 40% habitability (compared to Vanilla’s 20%) depending on your chosen primary planet type.

Linear Temperature Model (warmest to coldest):
Desert – Arid – Savannah – Tropical – Ocean – Continental – Alpine – Tundra – Arctic

-Habitability Base Changes-

Primary planet = 80%
Secondary planets (x2) = 60%
All other planets (x6) = 20%

This Mod:
Primary planet = 80%
Secondary planets (x2) = 60%
Tertiary planets (x2) = 40%
All other planets (x4) = 20%

*Gaia and Tomb worlds remain unchanged.

As you can see, this mod makes a much more gradual linear curve from most habitable to least habitable.

“Dry” planet species:

+have 40% base habitation for Tropical & Ocean worlds.
“Cold” planet species:

+have 40% base habitation for Continental & Ocean worlds.
“Wet” planet species vary depending on their primary planet:

Tropical (warmer) get Savannah & Arid at 40% habitation.
Ocean (temperature neutral) get Savannah & Alpine at 40% habitation.
Continental (colder) get Tundra & Alpine at 40% habitation.
NOTE: Since this mod makes Ocean planets fall dead-center on the temperature scale, it does make Ocean worlds slightly more attractive for all species (but remember, only 40% habitable for 2/3 of them). However, if using the above logic regarding water being essential for life, this does make a lot of sense. Also, as much as I don’t care for Paradox’s wonky 9 planet archtype system, I’m loathe to take too far a departure from vanilla gameplay.

Can be toggled on/off for saved games.

This will conflict with any other mod which alters 00_habitability_traits.txt

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