Realra’s Big Portrait Pack Mod

Realra’s Big Portrait Pack Mod

Current Version: 2.8.*

There are many portrait mods out there, but due to the nature of Stellaris and compatibility these mods add their own species categories in the appearance selector. Portrait packs rectify this issue, but they eventually go without consistent updates. So I took it upon myself to put together a pack for my own personal use and decided to share it.

The ‘Cyborg’ archetype allows the player to select both ‘Biological’ and ‘Machine’ traits while also forcing the ‘Cybernetic’ trait. However the trait points and picks are lower than the other archetypes. They are 1 and 3 respectively.

I highly recommend using UI Overhaul Dynamic. It allows the many portraits to fit in the UI for the appearance selector.

Disclaimer: This mod does not include cities, traits, ships, namelists, etc. It ONLY includes portraits.


Mods Used In This Pack:
‘Animated Drone Portraits’
Additional Machine Portraits
Alien Suns
Animated Aquilese Portraits
Animated Geometry Species
Animated Hollow Portraits
Animated Hyena Portraits
Animated Octee-lan Portraits
Animated Portraits – The Hidden Eye
Animated Prey Typhon Portrait (Dark Unbidden)
Animated Raptor Portraits
Animated Raven Portraits (Skeksis)
Animated Serpentoid Portraits
Animated Shark Portraits
Animated Space Unicorns
Animated Xirmian Portraits
Aquaoid Species With Clothing
Cuelan Species Mod
Custom Machines Animated Portaits
Cyborg Horror
Cyborg Portraits
Cyborg Species
Demihuman Portraits
Distant Creature
Dromaeosauridae Animated Portraits
Evil ExHumans
Holosphere Rising
Human Hive
Human Revolution
Labrat Animated Portraits
Lovers Species Mod
Machine Horror
Precursor Species: Zroni
Space Egyptians
Spinosauridae Animated Portraits
Stellaris: Into the Whoniverse
Trace’s Better Lithoids
Trace’s Better Necroids
Xeno Biodiversity
Xenon Sector
Zyralynn Species: Lekurian
Zyralynn species

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