Researchable Titan Laser for Stellaris

Researchable Titan Laser for Stellaris

Have you ever wanted to blast those xeno scum with Fallen Empire might? Have you ever wanted to arrange a demonstration of your superior technology to savages and heretics? Now you can with this mod!

I have made this mod because some people asked for just the researchable Titan Laser, so I have taken the liberty to dissect my original mod:

Titan Laser + Resized Lances

Please check that out as Titan Lasers make other XL obsolete and so do consider downsizing them for large slots instead!

For more XL weapons to counter the powerful Titan Laser, take a look at my other mod:

Titan Weapons

I consider this mod complete and will no longer be updating it with new content, as I am devoting my energies to my new mod, The Zenith of Fallen Empires. That mod will include all the functionalities of this one, and a whole lot more. Make sure to check that out for the full Fallen Empire experience.

Don’t forget to rate if you like! 🙂

Mod Features
Researchable Titan Lasers as an upgrade to Tachyon Lance
Titan Lasers (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Sapphire)
Titan Disintegrator (Purple) – requires Titan Laser and Matter Disintegrator
This mod should be compatible with everything.

If you already have Titan Laser + Resized Lances, or The Zenith of Fallen Empires, then you don’t need this one.

l_spanish provided by 8igualdos0s for Zenith of Fallen Empires 1.6

Change log:
18/11/2016 – Mod uploaded. Added 3 colours for titan lasers.

19/11/2016 – Potential fix for compatibility with ISB Graphics. Updated the icons for titan lasers (credit to Zeratul Vergil.)

20/11/2016 – This mod is now compatible with ISB and NSC. Enhanced icons for titan lasers and Titan Disintegrator. Added appropriate technology to research Titan Disintegrator. Fixed the stats and audio of Titan Disintegrator.

21/11/2016 – Titan Disintegrator tech is now rare and requires Matter Disintegrator.

22/11/2016 – Fixed broken Titan Lasers tooltips.

23/11/2016 – Fixed instances where Titan Disintegrator doesn’t show up for research. Updated images on steam (thanks Tiberiumkyle for the screenshot donations :D)

24/11/2016 – Made Titan Laser tech rare. Prerequisites are still the same.

25/11/2016 – Titan Laser tech costs have been doubled due to balancing feedback.

26/11/2016 – The cost of mounting Titan Laser has been doubled due to inflation, and the Titan Laser tech is now a dangerous tech. Research at your own risk…

06/12/2016 – Updated for 1.4

10/2/2017 – Added the Super Lance and the Titan Laser Prototype. Improved some tech icons and descriptions. Changed Titan Disintegrator sounds. Also added some codes for Fallen Empire opinion modifiers but I cannot get those to work at the moment.

11/2/2017 – Increased Titan Laser cost to 3k minerals each. Added a Yellow colour variant.

17/5/2017 – Updated for 1.6.*, brought many improvements from The Zenith of Fallen Empires. Added Spanish Localisation.

15/6/2017 – Updated for 1.7.*

23/6/2017 – Rerolled back to 1.6.*

-Titan Laser is extremely destructive and melt fleets fast. This means the AI can also do it to you…

-Misuse will be punished.

###Now do me a favour and cleanse this galaxy of filthy primitives, invaders, and noobs alike with superior firepower.

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