Ruler Level System

Ruler Level System

RLS let every Ruler has their level system!

For Stellaris version 3.1.

This is the rework mod, if you are looking for the classic one, click .
If you are using the mod or the classic version of RLS, please start a new game as I remade the mod with the old contents.


1 vanilla file edited:

namespace = play_as_ruler
global_flag = play_as_ruler_started

This mod supports .

Why reworked the mod?

Around Stellaris 1.5 along with Utopia DLC, I made the RLS mod.
During series of updates, its features stop being updated as time goes on.
So, after the and my Psionic Mod (Getting familiar with GUI modding), I decided to make a overhaul such mod. Why stops here when something better can be done?
It was a complete rework that was adequately the most complex one I had ever done, but the result is satisfying.


Mod Features

Note: The mod contents might be too complex for me to explain (And some of them might miss to describe), be sure to check out workshop previews to understand properly. (Or just play a game with the mod running…)
This mod adds the following features to the game:

  • Ruler Campaigns: Short-Term, powerful Campaigns that appear from time to time.
  • Ruler Foci UI: Allowing players to customize their Ruler’s Directions of Category.
  • Introducing Execution Points and Idea Points to every Leader.
    Execution Points: Spend to favor categories, or hold any Ruler Campaigns.
    Idea Points: Used to unlock directions and Ruler Campaigns.
    Every Ruler can only have 15 Execution Points and 15 Idea Points at all time.
  • Each non-AI Ruler has their level system, Charisma, Affair, and Inspire.
    Charisma: Determined the speed of gathering Execution Points.
    Affair: Decided the speed of listing a set of non-unlocked Ruler Campaigns.
    Inspire: Decided the gaining speed of Idea Points.

    Ruler’s species traits are somewhat determined their base status of the 3.

  • Slowly over time, Ruler gains Skill Points. Skill Points can be used to improve Ruler’s governing abilities, or be converted to Execution&Idea Points.
  • AI Rulers can have one Hobby at a time (Gestalt one has their own), giving a boost to the Empire.
    When having the same Hobby several times, they can decide to become an expert of that Hobby.



  • Avoid using the Foci Menu when operating other businesses like planetary view, commanding ships – as the UI mod checks whether the scope is country all the time.
    It won’t break the mod but will refuse to function until then.
  • Gestalt Empires might have some of the descriptions that break the immersion for them.
  • If you encounter bug that your Heir get Level and Hobby instead of your actual Ruler, which should not happen in game, type “event play_as_ruler.8999” in console command tab to debug it.
  • For having bunch of the Skill points, type “event play_as_ruler.12345” in console command (If your Ruler is present).


Sound Effects

All Sound Effects in this mod are from EU4 and CK2.


Current Localisation

  • English

Some of the old mod localization might work in some aspects, but don’t expect too much.


Q: Point System is too much for my busywork, I have to check available points at all time!
A: The mod will tell you to spend points when you hold quite amount of them.
You don’t need to micromanage them often, unless you seek for maximum efficiency.

Q: Will AI Empires hold Ruler Campaigns as well?
A: Yes. Many tweaks of ai_weight for them.
AI can hold Ruler Campaigns but cannot make Directions of any Category. So don’t expect their genius move.

Q: Save game compatible?
A: Supposely works, wait for a month tick to take effects.
If you are using the Merge Leader Levels mod or the classic version of RLS, please start a new game as I remade the mod with the old contents.


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