Salarian Union-fixed and updated for Stellaris

Salarian Union-fixed and updated for Stellaris

The old Salarian Union portrait mod by Yoshy’s Island, updated. I did not extensively test it, but it seems to work. Let me know if there is something wrong with it, but keep in mind I am not a modder, just a guy who fiddles around with text files.

Original description:

Includes custom outfit for each leader type/pop. Slightly animated.

This is a first attempt at a mod to introduce the Salarians from Mass Effect into Stellaris.

It includes a species description, as well as themed leader and planet names (taken from the Mass Effect wiki). Custom portraits use idle animations from humans. I don’t know how to use maya, so I can’t add my own.

Uses custom clothing options,1 for each: Governer, Scientist, Admiral, General, Surface Pop.

Credit for pretty much everything goes to Yoshy’s Island, all I did was reformat some stuff, with a couple small edits.

Known issues:
-For some reason this mod causes instant CTDs when attempting to change city or ship graphical culture. Everything else works, but touch those and boom. I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s doing this, if anybody else can figure out the problem I’d be grateful.

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