Scaling Balance For Stellaris

Scaling Balance For Stellaris

This mod attempts to subtly rebalance Stellaris to make technologically-advanced ships more usable. In vanilla Stellaris, basic kinetics, missiles, and lasers scale by 100% of their base cost per tier, with about a 20-25% increase in effectiveness. All other weapon types scale by 20-25% of their base cost per tier. This mod rebalances the mineral cost per component of all basic kinetics, missiles, and lasers, as well as power components and thrusters, to be in line with the 20-25% rate of increase per tier that most other components in Stellaris use.

In addition, missile speed is increased by approximately 40% across the board in order to bring them up to par with other weapon types in larger-scale fights (faster missile speed means less overkill).

The end effect of these changes is to make higher-level technology more effective in terms of cost and upkeep, without modifying the actual feel or effectiveness of the components themselves (aside from missiles, which just look and feel way better when they’re a bit faster).

Kharel, DenKon Zenith
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What is Stellaris mods?

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