SD’s Durable Ether Drake For Stellaris

SD’s Durable Ether Drake For Stellaris

If you are like me, and you FINALLY got your own baby Drake… Joy! and then noticed it kinda sucked. It does great damage, but really dies pretty easily — no shields, evasion that won’t matter much… you were pretty disappointed.

Considering just how much work and luck is involved with getting the damn thing, and its not nearly as good as the Automated Dreadnought.. bleh.

This mod doubles its hitpoints to 10k, same as the automated dreadnought, and ups its evasion from 25 to 60. That should make it comparable, considering the poor thing doesn’t have shields.

It does not effect the proper Guardian Ether Drake.

Oh yeah, spoilers. You can get a Baby Ether Drake, lol 😉

(Note: the game rates its fleet power crazy high, but its really not like, as powerful as that number suggests)

— Due to some recent revelations about how armor penetration works, its armor is upped chunk too. AP weapons will still hurt him but probably not quite so badly. Which 1.4 just invalidated. Well, whatever, it caps. 🙂

— Updated for 1.4.x
— Added Levithans as required DLC, because… its required.
— Updated for 1.5.x

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