SD’s Start with all Ship Types For Stellaris

SD’s Start with all Ship Types For Stellaris

This is a simple mod that unlocks the Destroyer, Cruiser and Battleship sizes for all empires at the beginning of the game. It does NOT unlock the assembly yards, and it doesn’t up the default spaceport, you still have to build those as normal.

It runs as an event on the second day.

The AI gets these too!

– Looking into mod compatibility with popular mods that add in more ship types.
– Want NSC compatibility? Use this mod instead.
– Magically its compatible with Realistic Ships out of the box 🙂

— Updated for 1.4.x
— Updated for 1.5.x
— Removed “research complete” message.
— Adds the stations too, no idea why I didn’t think of it before.

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