Sidrake’s Arthropoid Ships for Stellaris

Sidrake’s Arthropoid Ships for Stellaris

================================PLEASE NOTE================================

As this is a reskin, it will replace the default Arthropoid ships/stations. This means that all races using arthropoid ships, including AI, will be replaced with the new design. I may in future release the mod as a seperate skin if requested, although in doing so, it’s worth noting that the AI would no longer use it.

—————————————————Author’s Note—————————————————

Color scheme as requested by Sidrake. I included some screenshots of the ships in various star systems, as the lighting does drastically alter the look of the ships. If you want to see the original mod, check out my original Dark Arthropoid Ships mod here:

I’m not aware of any mods that conflict with my own. Even mods that add new ship designs will work just fine, as long as they are made up of the standard vanilla modules.

This mod only alters the diffuse layer of the Arthropoid ships and stations, for this reason, the mod will work fine with all other mods, except for those that also edit those diffuse layers. In such a case, their mod may overwrite my own and you’d find my mod is simply not working in such a case however, I am yet to find a mod that does conflict at all.

-Updated to 1.3.1
-Updated to 1.3.2

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