Simple Micro and AI Improvements Mod

Simple Micro and AI Improvements Mod

This mod contains:
– greater goods edict
(an edict which allows automigration of unemployed pops towards free job planets) is unlocked by joining the galactic community – no resolution required

– habitats can only be built above mining/research stations. This prevents habitat spam, while improving the AIs economy, because only habitats with special districts can be built. Also it leaves room for the AI to build megastructures like ringworlds, dyson spheres and matter compressors.

– independence guarantees have to be accepted manually. This is to prevent the AI white peacing by breaking an independence guarantee and force opening borders. No more AI construction ships invading your closed border territory, because you didnt know a guarantee was active. The Ai can still be guaranteed after it is bribed with an favor.

– Ascension perks for the AI have been adjusted. The AI can no longer pick perks it has no use for (for example ecumenopolis which it cannot create anyway). With this the AI going full ascension or getting galactic wonders is way more common.

– For the galactic wonders perk no fully upgraded megastructure is needed anymore. The megastructure tech is sufficient. No more infinite waiting with free perk slot until the conditions are met. Also the AI can choose it way more often. The AI fills the perk slots as soon they become unlocked. Without this mod all slots would be always filled by the time the AI mets the conditions for this perk, causing it to never be able to build this megastrucures.

This mod is a good addition to mods, which improve the AI or UI.

drachenklinge4 (hart)
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