Specific Gendered Leaders – Lite Mod

Specific Gendered Leaders – Lite Mod


This mod is for fun. Furthermore, it aims and is designed to be an equal opportunity offender: you can be as much of a misogynist as you can a misandrist. You can oppress menfolk just as much as you can oppress womenfolk. If you don’t like it, don’t subscribe.


This is a lighter version of my other mod, Specific Gendered Leaders. This mod only contains the policies allowing you to have certain genders in certain places. It contains none of the extras currently in the mod, and will contain none of the extras that will eventually be in the mod.

It goes without saying that you should only have one or the other activated.

Other Mod Compatibility

The mod should now be compatible with any species category added.


Currently, English is the only language. I don’t consider my scant knowledge of other languages enough to translate it, and I don’t trust Google Translate. If you wish to make localization for any other language, feel free to and punt it my way, and I’ll happily include it.

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