Stellaris Enigmatic Technologies Mod

Stellaris Enigmatic Technologies Mod

This Mod adds two traits which I plan to once Utopia comes out to change into Advance civics as well as new difficult to get techs.
They are
Loop Adherents: Start with the technology of the Worm-in-Waiting and the ability to build resource buildings of the loop on your worlds.
Enigmatic Heirs: Why send our people into the Death Trap that is the Enigmatic fortress when we are the heirs of it’s builders…or a race they entrusted with the technology.
These Traits grant immediate access to the Loop and enigmatic techs respectfully each with their own parts, buildings and Techs

All techs and buildings may be used empires that have the techs researched. Meaning if you have gone though the normal events to get the vanilla techs you will be able to research the rest

Future plans
-More Techs based on the Enigmatics and the Loop
-More Ship parts and weapons based on the Enigmatics and the Loop
-Buildable Enigmatic fortresses and portals that summon an avatar of the worm to defend systems will make them super structures once Utopia comes out.
-Buildable Advanced Robots for both the Loop and Enigmatics
-Once Techs and Ship parts etc. have been created I will move on to the Next Tier of Techs Cyptic and Spiral.
-Future ideas currently in the works.

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