Stellaris New Ship Classes & More Mod

Stellaris New Ship Classes & More Mod

New Ship Classes & More Mod adds new ship classes to the game and makes a few other tweaks and additions. These changes affect all vanilla playable races in the game.

What this mod adds and changes

  • Battlecruiser: Larger version of the cruiser with the same stats as a cruiser but more weapons.
  • Light Carrier: A cruiser-sized carrier featuring a 4-hangar central section.
  • Carrier: Featuring an 8-hangar central section and a few extra weapons.
  • Dreadnought: Massive ship with a huge weapons arsenal amd optional hangar section.
  • Flagship: Largest ship type with very heavy weapons and a very high cost (See below).
  • Battle Fortress: A larger and more powerful version of the Fortress, for heavier enemy fleets.
  • Advanced Zero Point Reactor: More power at double the cost of the regular zero point reactor.
  • Advanced Assmebly Yards: Spaceport module that speeds up build time for the new classes.
  • New research projects added for the Carrier, Dreadnought, and Flagship class ships.
  • All military stations now include an optional 6-hangar section.
  • All ships are scaled realistically.
  • All strike craft squads now have 8 fighters each instead of 4.

The Flagship is an extremely large ship featuring a massive weapons arsenal and some impressive bonuses, but it costs 3 Influence per month to maintain, takes 3 years to build (Spaceport modules do not decrease this time), and building more than one results in a Furious Population, in which all citizen happiness drops to 0% for as long as there is more than one Flagship in service. If the ship is destroyed, you will be able to build another one without penalty. The Flagship can be custom designed in the ship designer.

Flagship Bonuses: (The “Fleetwide” bonuses affect ALL ships operated by your empire.)

  • Fleetwide armor increased by 10%
  • Fleetwide weapon damage increased by 10%
  • Fleetwide hitpoints increased by 10%
  • Fleetwide shields increased by 10%
  • Fleetwide fire rate increased by 10%
  • Fleetwide repair rate increased by 10%
  • Fleetwide sensor range increased by 50%
  • Leaders gain experience 20% faster
  • Population happiness increased by 10%
  • Population war happiness increased by 30%

Steam Workshop ID: 683230077


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