Stellaris Slave Strategy

stellaris slave strategy

Stellaris Slave Strategy

Start: as slave despotic empire with wormhole


– check cluster, you ca see were AI starts in your neighbourhood
– split 3 start military ships, send them into the cluster direction, to get space monster vision
– set sience ship on survey, wait with survey systems with planets until your military scout found 8 systems with planets, so that you get the quest for survey your main planet type (until than, survey non planet systems)
– send your construction ship to the edge of your reach and build a wormholestation next to your AI neighbour so tah you can attack the homeplanet

– Enslave all non energy pop for the production bonus
– build 1-2 farms, all other tiles with mines, with -15% building cost, edict, govern and ruler of your empire, you can reduce in best case building cost down to 20minerals, per building

Physic: focus generator and shild, if % research avaible, pick it too
Social: focus + influence tech, you do not need colo at gamestart as slaver
eng: focus trusters, if you go for AOE flak as lategame weapon, pick the weapon sience you need

use 10% research, and 30% research for physic and eng


-increase fleet size to 20 corvetts, (with 54 starting price, you need 1000 minerals for this fleet), update when you get techs
go over your limit to get the 20

– first war:
take homeworld from your first neighbour, and than from your second neighbour, you ahve now killed the direct AI next to you, enslave the homeworlds

After first war:
-rebuild all your building on your homeworld to research
-build your first colo ship after 10years ingame for border blobbing and a second research planet.

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