System Scale for Stellaris

System Scale for Stellaris

This mod Increases system scale to around 100 about 3 times the size of vanilla systems, it also changes star and planet sizes to reflect the new larger sytsems aiming to be a realistic as possible within the limits of Stellaris. Space stations ect should work fine and ive edited the sizes of ring worlds ect to avoid the segments being too far away as can be seen in similar mods.

The aim is to provide a balance between the cartoony look of vanilla and the huge systems of mods like Realistic System Scale.This provides a good balance between the problems of larger systems like station distance and graphical glitches and the IMO bad look of the vanilla where everytihng is too much out of proportion.

It should be compatible with most everything it only changes 1 file 00_planet_classes in the planet_classes folder and does not affect gameplay in any way. Ive tried to keep changes to a bare minimum to ensure compatability.

Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome. Ill try and keep this as up to date as possible

Trebor, iCeFrEnZy
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